Lorenzo Tempesti starts the new project “The Second Sound”

“The lost stone” is the first single of the new project “The Second Sound”, in which pianist and composer Lorenzo Tempesti will meet other artists and record original compositions belonging to the wide world of modern classical music. The first duet is with cellist Alice-Micol Moro, for a piece which evokes ancestral sounds, despite the piano tone being fully contemporary. The natural scenario is that of a river with crystalline waters, in which each stone – “The lost stone” – comes from an ancient and mysterious story, the result of geological evolutions and chemical processes, and in the same way this piece evolves, in the intertwining between the two instruments.

This is the first stone, launched by “The second sound” for the exclusive distribution of Believe, which promises a great future, since Lorenzo Tempesti has already passed the 80000 monthly listeners milestone on Spotify.

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/it/album/the-lost-stone-single/1558559917