Home Celtic home

On August 28, 2020 Lorenzo Tempesti’s new single, Home Celtic Home, was released. A composition for harp that takes you back to the green and magical places of a Celtic kingdom. A meditative and relaxing atmosphere, a track suitable for: ballet, documentary films, fantasy fiction, fairy tales, drama, commercials, time-lapse and much more.

Home celtic home

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Suite for Malta – new EP by Lorenzo Tempesti

Dedicated to the island suspended in the Mediterranean, between Europe and Africa. A piano suite in four moments, inspired by different areas of the archipelago, from which each song takes its name: Bajda Ridge, Marsaskala, Xwejni and Dingli Cliffs. A 12-minute suite to be enjoyed without interruption, to take a breath from everyday worries: once again Lorenzo Tempesti’s piano transports us into a magical world, far away, suspended in the middle of infinity.

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New single: 6 minutes – 44

6 minutes - 44

A single of perfect chill out, capable of lowering the heartbeat rate and inducing sleep.This track was projected keeping in mind a lots of musical factors which can raise relaxation in the listener: very slow tempo (44), subtle heart-beat styled electronic bass drum, atmospherical pad, non-repetitive piano melody and harmony.

“The flat sea” released

The flat sea

“The flat sea” is a Digital 45 for piano with an ambient sound, produced by Lorenzo Tempesti in 2019. The title track includes an electronic pad.
The choice of the grand piano sound mixed with a “una corda” piano gives the melody a round and brilliant sound at the same time. It includes the title track and a cover of a song by Tommy Berre and Lance Allen, “Within my heart”.

New single “Valzer della dogaressa” just released!

Valzer della dogaressaAn EP of songs for piano and orchestra, dreamy and dancing. “Valzer della dogaressa”, which refers to the splendor of Venetian civilization, when the city was ruled by the doge, and “Spring zephyrs”, inspired by the warm winds that announce the spring. The compositions are very suitable for different types of applications, from documentaries, to commercials, to theater and dance performances. Listen and download here!

Announcing Lorenzo Tempesti’s new albums: traveling in space and time

Lorenzo Tempesti is an Italian soundtrack composer. He published various albums on his own (notably his piano CD While the others sleep, 2016) and participated in compilations by the international label Soundiva. He distributes his wide production music library through his Italian-language well-known website www.suonimusicaidee.it, on which it is possible to request and obtain licenses for using Tempesti’s songs in videos, apps and other projects. A twin English-language service, www.bestproductionmusic.com, is going to be released later in 2018.

In March 2018 Lorenzo Tempesti is releasing two new albums, Traveling in space and Traveling in time, a sort of double CD about the theme of travel, with a mixture of old hits, brand new releases and unpublished gems from his former collaborations.

Through the listening of these incredibly comprehensive and varied collections of songs it is possible to retrace the artist’s career, starting from the first songs commissioned for local theater shows, going through numerous partnerships (the video artist Raffaele Chiandussi, SG Videoproduzioni), ending with soundtrack writing for various film directors (Giovanni Cismondi, Gianluca Fioritto, Lauro Pittini).

Traveling in space is a journey through the many scents and tastes of the world, a collection of mixed and dynamic music. Traveling in time is a more intimate and introspective meditation on men’s moods and feeling, with the central role of piano, accompanied by other instruments in a variety of styles.

In the end, Lorenzo Tempesti is releasing an almost infinite (over 70+70 minutes) collection of music, aimed to give the videomaker/app developer a very wide production music library, and, at the same time, to offer the common man a fine double album for his own relax and pleasure.

LISTEN (on Youtube):
Hold on to your future https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgCmA3Jvquc

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